"The Odd Couple"
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a play by Neil Simon

Produced by special arrangement and cooperation of Samuel French, Inc.



Production Staff    
Director Ronnie Scicchitano  
Production Manager Louanne Olson  
Set Design & Construction Director & Cast Chris Zimmerman
  Pat O'Brien  
Lighting Amy Besser  
Sound Shane Lepley  
Stage Crew Mary Ann Palovick  
Make-up Jean Dunkelberger  
Hostesses Eleanor Greco Marilyn Kanezo
  Evelyn Milewski Maria Bressi
  Wanda Smith  
Speed Kyle Blessing  
Murray Dan Mock  
Roy Rob Wheary  
Vinnie Dan Heiser  
Oscar Madison Chad Evans  
Felix Ungar Christopher Olson  
Gwendolyn Pigeon Rose Zimmerman  
Cecily Pigeon Sandy Beaver-Krebs