"Jekyll & Hyde"
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Conceived for the stage by
Steve Cuden & Frank Wildhorn
Books & Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
Music by Frank Wildhorn

Produced by arrangement with Music Theatre International



Production Staff    
Director Sharon L. Styer  
Asst. Director Ronnie Scicchitano  
Producer Louanne Olson  
Choreographer Christopher Olson  
Technical Director Kevin B. Styers  
Art Director Shawn McGugan  
Spots Nicole Purcell Len Murin
Lighting Michael Purcell  
Sound Jon Slodysko Meghan Wagner
Scenery Shawn McGugan Nina Varney
  Paul Conniff Cast
Stage Grips David Hummel Cassie Broscious
  Anthony Holobovich Deb Logic
Stage Manager Kevin Styer  
Tickets Maria Scicchitano  
Make-up Jean Dunkelberger Ginger Ibanez
House Manager Louanne Olson  
Program Kevin Styer Sharon Styer
Lobby Attendants Eleanor Greco Evelyn Milewski
  Connie Weissinger Marilyn Kanezo
  Wanda Smith  
Pit Orchestra    
Director Sharon L. Styer  
Violin Rachel Denlinger  
Viola Barb DeGaetano  
Reed 1 Jennifer DeGaetano  
Reed 2 Terry Schaffner  
Trumpet Al DeGaetano  
French Horn Val Rheude  
Trombone Darrell Denlinger  
Piano Rebecca Brandt  
Percussion Timothy Uhler  
Gabriel John Utterson Tom Noon  
Sir Danvers Carew Jim Micklow  
Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde Russ Wynn  
Simon Stride Thomas Guastavino  
Lady Beaconsfield Lauren Hoffman  
The Bishop of Basingstoke Kevin Styer  
Lord Savage Ronnie Scicchitano  
General Lord Glossop Dan Mock  
Emma Carew Sarah Griffiths  
Lucy Harris Gabrielle Lindenmuth  
Nellie, the Madam Rose Marquardt  
Spider, A Pimp Christopher Olson  
Polle, Manservant John Soubik  
Bisset, Apothecary Sean Deffley  
Aristocrats/Society Guests Jenna Hyatt Sandy Beaver-Krebs
  Barb Malick  
Street People Kaila Augustine Courtney Patcella
  Davina Faust Tony Wondoloski
Prostitutes Sara Bloschock Lauren Apichell
Servants Davina Faust Kaila Augustine
Priest Sean Deffley  
Customers Tony Wondoloski Sean Deffley
Beggar John Soubik  
Newsboy Tony Wondoloski