"Irish/Italian Wedding"
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The Groom  Anthony Kurdilla 
Joey's Father / Patriarch  Steve Mau 
Crime Boss  Fawn Eckman 
Eileen's Father / Fiona's Husband  Paul Noon 
Mickey's Son / Eileen's Brother  Joey Laughlin 
Pastor / Detective  Dan Mock 
TJ the DJ  Tom Heiser 
The Bride  Mary Scopelliti
Eileen's Stepmother / Mickey's Wife  Rose Zimmerman 
Eileen's Best Friend & Maid of Honor  Kaila Augustine 
Enzo's 3rd Wife  Kathy Gadinski 
Matriarch of Attanassio Family  Barb Malick 
Grandma Santolla's Mother in law  Catherine Reed 
Bubble's Gal Pals  Lori Walsh 
Bubble's Gal Pal  Jeremy Motzer 
Tony Contralto's Bodyguard  William Fisher Jr. 
Enzo's Bodyguard  Sabrina McLaughlin 
Director  Loretta Murphy Brister