"A Chirstmas Carol"
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by Charles Dickens

Adaptation by Sharon Glassman and William Sanders



Story Teller/Scrooge at 21 Conor Stafanowicz
Badger Bucket/Young Fan Nastissja Lapotsky
Ebenezer Scrooge Christopher Olson
Fred/Mr. Fezziwig Joseph Revenis
Bob Cratchit Dan Heiser
1st Solicitor/Nancy Angela Kane
2ns Solicitor/Mr. Colby/Mrs Fezziwig Kathleen Gadinski
Jacob Marley/Old Joe Bill Fisher
Ghost Christmas Past/Mrs. Diber Loretta Murphey
Scrooge at 6/Tiny Tim/Storytellers Son Michael Spotts
Scrooge at 13/Turkey Boy Krystof Lapotsky
Dick Wilkens/1st London Child/Peter Cratchit Tyler Barnhardt
2nd London Child/Martha Cratchit Emilee Barnhardt
Belle Fezziwig Katianna Lapotsky
Bonnie Fezziwig/Liz Cratchit Kaitlin Horsfield
Beatrice Fezziwig/Belinda Cratchit Sandy Horsfield
Becky Fezziwig/Mary Cratchit Alivia Miller
Ghost of Christmas Present Rose Zimmerman
Fan/Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come Erica Sechler
Mrs. Cratchit Barb Malick